ATTN: MOONRISE KINGDOM SUPER FANS: Today I had the pleasure of taking a Moonrise Kingdom road trip through the beautiful state of Rhode Island. These are a few of the filming locations from the movie, and the scenery is just as beautiful in person as it is in the film! The locations are not too far apart either which makes this road trip totally affordable. Here are the locations in the order posted above(which is the order in which I visited them), and some tips on finding them:

1. Point Judith Lighthouse, Narragansett, RI: Free! Awesome waves, beautiful views. This is the location of one of the light houses shown in the film.
2. Northern Light/Suzy Bishop’s Home, Conanicut Island/Jamestown, RI: This is one of the two homes (the other located in Wisconsin) depicted as the exterior of the Bishop home. It’s a private residence, so be respectful of that. The best views are from the water, but follow the directions given in the roadtrippers link listed below for street views.
3. Fort Wetherill State Park, Jamestown, RI: Enter the park’s second entrance to visit the beach scene location where Suzy and Sam camp out. Make sure to explore the rest of the park. The cliffs are beautiful! This is also free!
4. Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, RI: enter the Castle Hill Inn into your gps. Park at the far end of their parking lot (just tell the valet you are going to the light house) and look for a small white sign marking a foot path. Follow the path (2 minute walk) to the light house. It’s painted red for the movie, but it’s now painted black. This is an unbelievable view of the cliffs and ocean as well. You will recognize the light house used when Suzy looks through her binoculars in the beginning of the film. (Free again!)
5. Trinity Episcopal Church: Right in the heart of Newport, RI, here is the church used in the film. The town of Newport itself is a great place to visit too! FYI, parking is tricky around the church.

Here’s the link to the roadtrippers article:

This was such an awesome little weekend road trip and I really really recommend it for any fans of the film. Rhode Island has so much to offer and is amazingly beautiful. Get out there while the fall colors are still around!

If you have any other questions, shoot us an ask!


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European Road Trip
Two weeks, seven countries / with roadie-zine
July 2014

- RL

Finally made our Europe video. I miss Switzerland the most. 

Hey Guys! So Rebecca Lader, Roadie’s most talented photographer/videographer. put this amazing video together from our European Road Trip! We traveled to 7 countries in 15 days and had the absolute time of our lives. Check it out!

We booked the trip through efcollegebreak​ and definitely recommend traveling this way if you’re not into planning, or simply do not have the time to plan the trip on your own. All of the transportation, hotel and hostel fees, and some added activities, are included in the price when you book the trip. If you chose to book a trip this way,  all you will need is money for food, free time and any extra actives you are interested in. Also, if you are a solo traveler, booking through EF is a great way to not feel alone on your trip! You’ll meet so many great people and make friends you’ll never forget amongst your tour group. There are so many different trips to chose from that range in price, length and location. If you’re a college student or simply between the ages of 18-26, this could be a great option for you!

We hope you enjoy the video! Be sure to check back soon for more from our European Road Trip!

Locations: Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Munich, Innsbruck, Venice, Verona, Lucerne, Paris and London

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A journey up the coast from San Diego to San Francisco, April 2014.

My personal favorite state in the US (aside from home, New York), California has a plethora of adventurous excursions to offer. It’s scenic beauty - the mountains, desert, forests, and unique coastline - is too stunning to pass up. Each city has a personality of it’s own that every visitor will distinctly identify with. 

We can never stay away from California for too long.


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Why Amsterdam is a perfect way to start a European Roadtrip

As i write my first post, post-being-in-Europe-for-the-first-time, I feel like I have so much more to say. Being in Europe was such an eye opening, enlightening experience for me, I don’t even know where to begin. So I figured I should just start from the beginning. 

Looking back at my trip, there is no place I would rather have started my journey, than Amsterdam. Amsterdam has so much to offer, and three days was just not enough time! But anyway, here is why everyone should visit Amsterdam (according to me). 

1. First off, the scenery. Every street corner, every canal, every building, literally looks like it was taken from a movie set. It was honestly the most beautiful city I have ever laid my eyes on. image



2. The Food: During our stay in Amsterdam, we had some really great food. The first being Chipsy King, which is essentially really, really good french fries, with a really, really good mayo type sauce on top. They have lots of different sauces, but the original sauce is so good, and a must try. 


Next, was my personal favorite, Greenwoods. Greenwoods is a breakfast/brunch restaurant and English Tea Room, that serves amazing fresh food, coffee and tea. I had the vegetable quiche and salad, which was out of this world. 


(photo by darthlader)

Last but definitely not least, you cannot visit Amsterdam without trying the dutch apple pie from Winkel. Make sure you order it with whipped cream!image

3. The Bikes- Biking makes up 60% of the transportation used in Amsterdam, which is really quite amazing and eco-friendly. Also, the thousands of parked bikes lining the canals, make the streets of Amsterdam picture perfect. But be careful, the people of Amsterdam are serious about biking, so keep your eyes and ears open for bells, and treat them like cars when crossing streets. 



4. The Anne Frank House- Visiting the Anne Frank House is absolutely something you need to do when visiting Amsterdam. It’s devastating, interesting, inspiring and so much more. The line is always very long, so I would suggest going a few hours before closing time (in July and August it is open until 10pm)! Admission is only 9 Euros for adults 18 and older, and 4,50 Euro for 10-17 year olds. 


Here are a few more highlights of Amsterdam:



5. Visiting the “I amsterdam” sign



6. The amazing street art!


7. The “Coffee Shops,” which although do sell coffee, also legally sell marijuana in lots of different forms (muffins, brownies, blunts, etc.) (if you’re into that type of thing). 

8. And of course, the red light district, which we were informed not to take pictures of, since the prostitutes in the windows do not appreciate pictures. I would also like to add that the red light district is completely safe to walk though, as there are lots of families and even children walking around, so don’t be worried if you want to check it out. 

In conclusion, Amsterdam is a place like no other. It’s a great way to welcome a first timer to Europe, as it is so unique in every way, with the connivence of English being widely used and understood. I am so grateful for the time I spent in Amsterdam and am already dreaming about my next visit!


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We’re back!!!

Our trip to Europe was unreal. Experiencing new places and cultures is the essence of traveling. Getting away from home, being outside of your comfort zone, and seeing what the world has to offer is the reason why we do this. Some of us have been to Europe before, and some of us were able to experience that incredible feeling of flying to Amsterdam and stepping foot onto the streets, busy with bicycles, for the first time. There were some places that were new to all of us, like Austria, Verona, Venice, Switzerland and London. Whether it’s going back to a place we’ve been already or experiencing a brand new city, traveling will never get old. Traveling with good friends will never get old. And meeting new, awesome people on your travels will never get old, either.

Stay tuned for all of our stories and photos from these past two weeks. We are so excited to share!


Photos from the streets of Verona, Italy.

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Switzerland is really something.

Day 9 of 15
European road trip


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NYC Italian Style! Start off with lunch at Artichoke Pizza (three different locations: E 14th St, Macdougal St or 10th Ave and W 17th St) for one of the best (and biggest) slices of pizza NYC has to offer. Then make your way down to Little Italy for dinner at one of the many adorable little Italian Restaurants on Mulberry St with lots of outdoor seating. Top it all off with Gelato for dessert of course! Delizioso!


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